Taiko Chandler


Taiko was born and raised in Nagano, Japan. Since 1998, she has lived in Sheffield in the United Kingdom, Miami Florida, Austin Texas, and is currently living and working as an artist in Denver Colorado.
While professionally trained as a nurse, she has always been interested in art and expressed that interest via a variety of media. Since being introduced to monotype printmaking, she has been absorbed by it. The combination of a longstanding interest in art, together with living in a wide-range of vastly different cultures, has shaped directly the work that she produces today.

Artist Statement

My work is a reaction to the natural and the artificial that surrounds me. I am fascinated by the complexity of the colors, patterns, forms, and textures that I see in dew drops and refracting light, even rust and decay. Printmaking offers me a medium to communicate my dialogue with nature without the constraints of language. In particular, I am drawn to monotype, which allows me to create a single impression that is not repeatable. It is ephemeral, yet concrete; it is controllable, but not predictable-and is ultimately defined by the serendipitous contact between printing press and paper.
Within this highly organic process, the challenge comes from blending colors in multiple layers and shapes to add and subtract to the space. This tension between positive and negative, between chaos and control, is what makes this medium so intimate, but also so exciting. I love the whole process-some of it planned, but most of it spontaneous.
All of my prints are hand-pulled, original pieces. In each case, the surface of the print is built-up in multiple veils of color, which I enhance using a combination of collagraphs, hand-cut stencils, and paper-cuts. The print that emerges flows in a rhythm that evokes patterns of creation and erosion. The process of discovery is endlessly engaging-it compels me to interact with and then elaborate on the evolving form. I explore intuitively, paying close attention to the space, but without a preconceived notion of the finish. My goal is to challenge myself to push the technical and material limits of printmaking as far as I can.

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