Taiko Chandler

Haptic Visions  Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, 2019

"A battle of supremacy and influence rages in this exhibition by self-taught artist Taiko Chandler. She asks: What is to be observed? What is there to touch? Chandler debates the objectivity of distance by inviting you to contemplate the installation’s tactile surface. How can the same materials and excerpted forms mean one thing in a gallery and another in its adjacent shop? Organza balls and sheets of Tyvek quoted from the work, placed on shelves and tables in the shop, form the core prompt. Chandler inverts thoughts about the mechanics and circulation of art by setting up colonies in the museum store. Through reproduction and reconfiguration, she mediates the spectacle of a drawing in space that harkens to an art historical reference."
Curator: Yasmeen Siddiqui

Photo: Wes Magyar