Taiko Chandler

Printmaking / Oehme Graphics in Steamboat Springs Colorado (2023)

My ‘On and On’ series is a continuous project that I have been working on with Sue, since 2018. It is an exciting project for me because I have been able to see the prints evolve, over time. Each unique print relies heavily on instinct and imagination, but over the five years we have been working on this series, the nature of the prints (the color, tone, detail, and so on) has changed, and reflects the moment in time.

This year, we used a more limited color palate and fewer stencils, which allowed the detail of the underlying plates to shine through. But, even with fewer stencils, the process is always unpredictable. Running the prints through the etching press two or three times, the combination of the plates and the rapid placement of the stencils created intricate and surprising results. The unpredictability creates artistic tension, but is endlessly fascinating given the seemingly never-ending set of possibilities.

Facing challenges, solving problems together, and sharing the excitement and a love of printmaking with Sue was incredible, as always. Thank you again for joining me on this wild ride.

Photo: Oehme Graphics