Taiko Chandler

Installations / Practice Makes Perfect (2023)

"Practice makes Perfect's" is a site-specific installation, consists of a combination of my mother's calligraphy practice pieces (over many years) and several Monotypes printed on Tyvek sheets. It is inspired by the my recent trip home to Japan to visit my mother, and mirrors my sense of belonging and continuously evolving cultural identity. The creative process reminded me that there is no such a thing as a perfect relationship - only an investment of energy and emotion that accumulates, just like any attempt to master a skill, such as calligraphy. The core installation is constructed in the shape of a gate or house to evoke the emotional and metaphorical liminal space that signifies both a destination and a journey (from here to there).

Site-specific installation
Mother's calligraphy, Monotype on Tyvek

Photo: Wes Magyar