Taiko Chandler

Moments in Movement  Flatbed Press, 2017

Taiko Chandler’s monotypes and monoprints are energetic explorations investigating the transience and ephemeral nature of day-to-day life. Her works are created through a process of pushing and pulling layers of color and pattern, creating serendipitous and compelling compositions.

“My work is a reaction to the natural and the artificial that surround us – a complex interaction that layers human construction onto natural evolution. The persistent tension between forces that both conflict and complement each other creates lines and patterns that interact and fragment. I internalize this tension as a Japanese woman living in America. Creating art helps me to think through my identity as it evolves at the intersection of these two cultures. The challenge is to express the resulting dialogue in my work.” Taiko Chandler

This exhibition features a suite of prints from Taiko’s collaboration with Flatbed, undertaken in July of this year, and is accompanied by one of her signature Tyvek print installations.

Photo: Flatbed Press (Austin, TX)