Taiko Chandler

Installations / Kimono (2013)

Inspired by an old kimono that I bought when I went to a local antique shop in Japan several years ago. While there, this kimono caught my eye. It is a child's kimono made from silk and cotton with some patches repairing the rips and tears it had picked up along the way. This history was explained to me by the owner of the shop. I was told that, traditionally, only a few people could afford a lavish silk kimono. Everyone else bought kimonos that were crafted from cheaper materials and repaired over time, as necessary. I could see that this kimono had been loved and worn for a long time, and perhaps passed down to a younger sister or the owner's daughter. I was fascinated, not only by the beauty of the pattern and color, but also by the patches and the amount of time that had been invested in repairing it. Today, it seems that we prefer to throw things away and buy new replacements, rather than preserve what we already have. My intention was to emphasize the contrast between the old, existing beauty and the new, artificial repairs.

Vintage kimono,hand embroidered with cotton thread, feathers, glass beads, sequins, crystals, and other materials.

Solo show at Hooked on Colfax in 2013, Solo show at Colorado Ballet HQ in 2016, Group show at Republic Plaza in 2016.